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Who Benefits When Families Join The PTSA? We All Do!

The award winning H.B. Plant PTSA is a partnership between the parents, teachers and administration, students, and the South Tampa community. The PTSA integrates these groups to work together to benefit H.B. Plant High School. Recognized nationally as a PTSA School of Excellence, our programs are also awarded by Hillsborough County PTA as one of the strongest high school PTSA programs in the county.  The true benefactors of these awards are the students, families and faculty at Plant. Through our membership dues and donations, as well as dedicated volunteers, we are able to fund and coordinate the following programs:

Back to School Breakfasts for Teachers

Beta Club Reception

College Night

College Scholarships

Community Service and Volunteer Fair

Conference Night Dinners for Teachers

Drug and Alcohol Convocation

Faculty Appreciation

Fast Camp Parent Information Sessions

Holiday Dinner for Teachers and Significant Others

In Reach Student Programs

Landscape Beautification

Metropolitan Ministries Elementary School Assistance

National Honor Society Reception

Panther Press Newsletter

Panther Preview

Panther Prowl

Reflections Art Contest

Senior Banquet

As you can see, our programs touch ALL parts of Plant and benefit EVERY student, family and teacher in one form or another. Not just one student, teacher, activity, program, classroom, or team. We strive to create a community, where all are welcome, and all benefit. The more funding we have, the more support we can provide. Please consider becoming a member and making a donation today. Thank you!